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Tour de Data

27th July 2015 / 1:58 PM

The Tour de France isn’t just one of the biggest sports events of the year because of the strains the riders must endure and the crowds and tv viewers it draws. It’s also a major technical event that requires a large setup in regards to e.g. data registration, calculation and presentation.

Each year more and more data is recorded during the TdF. One of the additions of this year’s race is that all bikes are equipped with a GPS unit that enables real-time tracking of the position of each and every rider. One should think that such new data would be followed by interesting new insights and ways of visualizing it – but the race came and will soon be over without any of this. Neither the French Tv production nor the official TdF website seem to have interest in utilizing the new data available or in developing the product in any other data related way. Instead they give us the exact same presentation we have known for years.

ASO and French Tv certainly fail in this area, but fortunately the official technology partner of the TdF, Dimension Data, takes quite a different approach on their website. The site presents several interesting examples of good data visualization: Visit Dimension Data’s Tour de France site  or go directly to these examples:

Follow all riders on the stage in real-time (Watch while stages are taking actually taking place)

Video based data visualization of the stage of the day

Summary of the first 11 stages

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