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Danish TV2 publishes Tour de France visualization tool

27th July 2015 / 2:46 PM

Just a couple of days ago we wrote about the rather disappointing job ASO and French television did in regards to utilizing all the interesting data that is recorded during the Tour de France – and we pointed to Dimension Data’s (the official technology partner of the TdF) much more innovative approach.

Well, we guess Danish TV2 must have had the same thoughts because today they published a quite substantive piece of interactive data visualization that enables the user to follow the race from stage 1 to Paris from a number of different perspectives. Among other things the tool visualizes the rankings and time differences of all or user selected riders stage by stage. From this basic functionality and selected a”themes”¬†TV2 tells an interesting story of the 2015 Tour de France using numbers and graphs. But the tool is open for anyone to explore the race of any rider or team.

Thumbs up!

The tool (in Danish) can be seen here

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