Grid Optimizer enables utility companies to access infrastructure data in near real-time. Goodbye to outdated, printed reports and welcome to current data directly on your mobile device.

Grid Optimizer is a cloud-based data aggregation service that enables ultra-fast extraction and processing of data from a range of different source systems. Using an advanced data model and an open API, data is made available to Grid Optimizer’s reporting and dashboard portal as well as other applications.

Grid Optimizer is developed in collaboration with breakoutimage A/S, authorized GE-partner and distributor of Smallworld with a thorough knowledge of the utility and telco industries and their use of GIS data. Grid Optimizer’s reporting and data visualization application is based on Blue Visual’s Generic Visualization Platform, a data visualization tool that allows for the adaptations needed to accommodate the specific purposes and data types of different industries.

Grid Optimizer was launched in spring 2017 with Danish energy and fibre company EnergiFyn as the first client. Read our case-story on EnergiFyn here and learn more about Grid Optimizer.

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