Mannaz KPI and Drill Down Dashboard

Mannaz is a highly respected Danish company working with training of project managers, management in general and personal development. Mannaz serves more than 10.000 participants every year in more than 700 different courses and is represented globally with offices in Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong and Malmö (Sweden).

In recent years Mannaz has intensified focus on its own performance in marketing and sales and they have been scrutinizing each marketing channel’s contribution to the total sales of the company. Google Analytics and an internal system keeps track of touch points and sales from all marketing channels such as their website, emails, Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

This critical and sensible approach to return on investment is not a simple task. Mannaz has a highly complex attribution model developed by digital marketing agency Lifted which gives Mannaz a sophisticated holistic view of the contribution of each marketing channel in terms of both direct sales and assisted sales (touch points).

Google Analytics neither provides a full view of all the data involved in the marketing and sales effort nor an easy way to identify trends that need investigation and perhaps action. So in order to manage all channels and metrics, Mannaz marketing office opted for a Klipfolio dashboard which has the ability to collect data from any source and present it in a highly actionable manner.

The purpose of the new tool was defined from the beginning as a way to enable marketing employees to quickly understand which marketing channels contribute well/not well to the sales process and take appropriate actions.

Blue Visuals therefore developed a dashboard, that contains an overview of the main figures of the business and other important KPI´s. A second dashboard contains information on a comparative channel level, going into details on sales and engagement metrics seen as both hard goals (direct sales) and soft goals (touch points). Three additional dashboards display even more detail about email marketing performance (down to newsletter version level), social media marketing (down to post level), and Adwords (down to keyword level).

All dashboards have a section of highlighted numbers in the top (top 5 best/worst performing channels/metrics) so it´s easy to identify the most important trends. Added to all dashboards are time filters, creating an easy way to compare performance in different periods fx. YoY and MoM.

However, decisions on appropriate actions need to be based on more than headline numbers. In order to facilitate a thorough analysis of the high level trends a drill down tool was added. The drill down tool gives Mannaz employees the option of studying each metric and channel in more detail and likely reach a more enlightened decision on how to react to the spotted trends.

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