Catering Danmark

Cross-channel marketing dashboard

Catering Danmark consists of several brands and is Denmark’s largest private food catering company with yearly deliveries beyond the million. The company wanted to get a better understanding of the performance of each brand in comparison and to show key performance indicators to all employees on wallboards. To achieve this goal Blue Visuals created a Klipfolio dashboard.

Catering Danmark’s different brands can be compared in terms of performance since they utilize much the same marketing platforms such as offline ads in newspapers, online marketing channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook and a newsletter. In this case the main challenge was in the many different sources of data.

Offline numbers come from differently formatted excel sheets. These numbers are then pulled into a customized macro-based excel sheet that restructures and prepares the data for later import into Klipfolio. This requires very few steps and the data is validated before being updated in the Klipfolio dashboard. Other revenue and marketing data is available online and retrieved through API e.g. Google Analytics data and Facebook data. All the online data sources update automatically but on different schedules depending on when they are available from the source.

Next challenge was how to visualize data of several brands and several different metrics in one and the same chart. This challenge was solved by splitting up the dashboard in several tabs so that each subject has sufficient room for visualization. The dashboard then contains both overview tabs where key numbers are shown and more in-depth tabs with charts of high detail-level. This makes the dashboard interesting not only to top management but also to specific departments in the company e.g. Marketing and Online. Furthermore targets have been added to several key indicators to keep everyone up to date with both current performance and budgets.

In this way Catering Danmark has a new comparative view of their business. Having this information at hand at any time gives the company a clear understanding of how different marketing and revenue channels contribute to business and allows for appropriate and timely actions.

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