Selected cases

Rainsford Hunting

Purpose-built dashboards

Rainsford Hunting is one of world’s largest marketing platforms for hunters and outfitters. connects hunters and outfitters in the hunting industry’s counterpart to Airbnb. More


From data module to business tool

Cofofo Restaurants is a popular and very successful restaurant chain in Denmark. Each restaurant is operated with creativity and devotion by its staff while the headquarter’s main focus is the business side of things. More


Grid Optimizer – et nyt brancheværktøj

Grid Optimizer er et cloudbaseret dataaggregeringsværktøj rettet specielt mod forsyningsindustrien, i første omgang mod leverandører af fiberbredbånd. Platformen er udviklet af breakoutimage A/S og Blue Visuals i fælleskab med EnergiFyn som første kunde og aktiv medspiller under udviklingen. More

Mannaz KPI and Drill Down Dashboard

Mannaz is a highly respected Danish company working with training of project managers, management in general and personal development. Mannaz serves more than 10.000 participants every year in more than. More

Catering Danmark

Cross-channel marketing dashboard

Catering Danmark consists of several brands and is Denmark's largest private food catering company with yearly deliveries beyond the million. The company wanted to get a better understanding of the performance of each brand in comparison and to show key performance indicators to all employees on wallboards. More

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