About Blue Visuals

From dusty Excel-sheets and convoluted software to inviting and easy-to-understand dashboards and reports. From complex explanations to visual overview. At Blue Visuals we help our clients turn data visualization into tangible solutions that create insights, overview and better decisions.

Blue Visuals was established in 2015 by Danish online agency and software vendor RadarSofthouse. Out of an increasing demand for data visualization services grew the need for an independent and even more focused approach to this exciting business area. And hence Blue Visuals was born – with the clear vision of delivering innovative, first class data visualization solutions and consulting services.​

At Blue Visuals we regard technical, creative and analytical skills along with firm business understanding as equally essential components in the development of good data visualization solutions. Lacking any of these components will inevitably compromise the outcome and ultimately the business value of the delivered solutions. This is why we offer our clients services ranging from integration of almost any data source and complex calculation layers to consultancy within performance measurement and KPI-setting. Among the services and products we provide are:

  • Responsive dashboards for desktop, tablets, smartphones and wallboards
  • Integrations to data sources and calculation layers
  • Reporting tools combining automation and beautiful design
  • Infographics and visualizations of big data, processes, product configurations and much more
  • Consulting within data visualization, performance measurement and KPI-setting

We work happily with end-clients as well as agency partners in Denmark and abroad. It’s our decisive aim to offer high quality solutions and services at a very competitive price level that makes us an attractive business partner to both of these groups. We welcome and actively seek collaborations that will enable us to contribute to even better and more exciting solutions – whether it be on specific jobs or on a strategic level.

We are located at Landemærket, in the very heart of Copenhagen, and in Chiang Mai, Thailand where we employ Danish management and project management together with highly skilled local staff comprising developers and designers.

Blue Visuals is managed by the founding partners Jesper Brøndum Pedersen, Kåre M. Rasmussen and Michael Skaanning, all holding solid resumes within sales and marketing management, product development and project management from the telco and financial sectors.

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