Shed light on your KPI’s – on pc, smart-phone, tablet or wallboard. Dashboards enable effective visual communication of performance indicators and focus areas. They create motivation and set a common agenda by making targets and results visible, tangible and comprehensible for everyone.

Using a stand-alone dashboard allows you to compile one, unified overview of all your most important KPI’s – regardless of the number of source systems.

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Save time with automated reporting. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting consumes tremendous amounts of time in many companies – time that could have been used on new ideas and business opportunities instead. Blue Visuals offers customized and standardized reporting tools that will help you reclaim a lot of that time – and lift your reports to a whole new level in terms of graphical presentation and professional touch.

Blue Visuals API Connector Platform

Did you ever count the number of source systems you rely on in order to track results and performance in various aspects of your business? Maybe not – but we bet there will be a lot!
The Blue Visuals API Connector Platform will automatically connect to all your source systems and collect your data into one unified database. From here it’s simply a matter of connecting your preferred dashboard or BI application to a single source. More

From data module to business tool
Real-time infrastructure reporting
Business KPI drill-down dashboard
KPI wallboard for instant overview
Cross-channel marketing dashboard
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