From data module to business tool

Improved tool for a data oriented company

Cofofo Restaurants is a popular and very successful restaurant chain in Denmark. Each restaurant is operated with creativity and devotion by its staff while the headquarter’s main focus is the business side of things. To be able to control the business aspect of their growing restaurant chain Cofoco HQ has developed a data module of its own over the years. Blue Visuals was asked to help Cofoco improve this module with the clear aim of making it a relevant business tool for the years to come.

One of the challenges was to improve and expand the data set in the existing solution and to make it easier to get a high-level view of the state of the business. It´s always important not to get lost in the detail because the risk is you might be missing the big picture. This sort of data is typically relevant on the C-level and often shows the top tier KPIs of the business such as revenue and the main drivers of these kinds of numbers. The data set is now improved and an automated email report module has been developed so each user can create reports containing his own selected KPIs, restaurants and frequency. This is a very big deal because the personalization of the reports makes them far more relevant for each executive no matter what area of responsibility the executive has.

Real-time data and personalization

Good food and great service is and should be the priority in the day to day operation of a restaurant. That makes it extremely difficult for the management in the restaurant to keep an eye on the financials at the same time. To remedy this situation a new tool has been created for the managers of the restaurants. The tool keeps track of salary expenses and revenue in real time so that the restaurant manager will receive an SMS alert in case the salary expenses are running too high compared with the revenue thereby enabling the manager to instantly adapt the headcount to fit the revenue situation. The system only requires target value input to operate fully automatically in the day to day operation.

Cofoco has many different and individually operated restaurants in its portfolio and hence a very large catalogue of products and processes that together call for a large set of performance metrics. For many users it quickly becomes important to be able to dive into a specific sub-set of data that is relevant to their personal area of responsibility. To facilitate this sort of analysis Blue Visuals has created a drill-down tool where basically all existing data and calculated metrics can be selected, e.g. sales of certain products, product groups, no. of guests, budgets etc. Data can be exported to Excel for further analysis before conclusions are made and actions are taken.

Increased demand for speed

Worth mentioning is a specific challenge faced during the optimization of the Cofoco data module. Due to the massive amounts of data in the new reports the speed of generating the reports decreased dramatically.  For that reason Blue Visuals has created a cache solution for Cofoco that enables reports to be created in 1-2 secs. instead of 1-2 mins. as was the case before.

Cofoco’s requirements for their data tool nicely exibits that data availability isn’t enough to achieve the desired results; data has to be made relevant and personal as well as easily accessible and actionable.

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